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Queer Picks From The Sydney Flicks

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Twentysomething Quebecois director Xavier Dolan, who will have two pieces showing at the 2010 Sydney Film Festival.It’s that time again, ladies and gentlemen – Sydney’s Film Festival (2-14 June).

This year I’ve changed my tune. I’ve done my research and booked my tickets BEFOREHAND.

The festival is showing a number of queer films, including two from 20something Quebecois director Xavier Dolan (pictured right).

So, here goes.
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Written by Darren Smith

25 May 2010 at 12:21 am

Six superstars from the original Dreamland crew

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Andy Warhol had Joe Dellasandro, Holly Woodlawn, Edie Sedgewick and Jackie Curtis. John Waters had the Dreamlanders. Nominate your favourite.

Like Warhol, Waters defied the art and film establishment with DIY, low-budget, taboo-breaking film making. But this culprit had his accomplices in his subversion and perversion. Oh, and don’t forget to vote in the poll at the end!
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Written by Darren Smith

22 February 2009 at 2:05 pm

Six underground directors who dirtied John Waters’ mind

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johnwaters460American filmmaker John Waters was in the thick of underground, experimental, crass American filmmaking in the 1960s. His oeuvre includes Pink Flamingos to Hairspray. See what movies dirtied his mind as a budding director.
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Written by Darren Smith

11 February 2009 at 11:07 pm

Film review: Across the Universe (2007)

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Bono is the Walrus in "Across the Universe"

Rebellion goes square in this cute, but unfortunately corny, High School Musical meets The Beatles rock opera

Directed by Julie Taymor (Frida), Across the Universe weaves together 33 songs from The Beatles list into a musical story about America’s movement through the turbulent and liberating 60s.
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