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Web | Australian Interactive a Webby Award Finalist

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Which well-known brand in Australia is shortlisted for a 2009 Webby Award for an online interactive that spotlights whales? Is it Optus? Nope. Try Greenpeace Australia Pacific.

The group released Send-A-Whale last year as a fun, creative way of getting people to sign a petition asking the Japanese Government to stop whaling in the Southern Ocean.

You can pimp your own “origami whale”, give it a sound, name and even a tattoo — go emo, punk, hippie or gentry. When you’re done, you send it off with thousands of others and track its course as it swims to Japan with a message for the country’s Prime Minister. It’s a fantastic new take on the old petition, and has a beautifully textured style that incorporates a lot of Japanese art and design.

Go on, create your own. I think it’s a really innovative approach to petitions, which is why I voted for them. You can do the same too. Instructions on how to vote for this Aussie contender are at the end of the post … it’s for a good cause too.


How to vote

1. Go to the Webby Awards site at and follow the quick registration.
2. After you’re logged in, click on the section “Interactive Advertising”.
3. This will bring up a list of sub-categories. The Origami Whales are under “Rich Media: Non-Profit/Educational”. Click on that sub-category and vote for Send-a-Whale.

The site was developed by online communications agency Circul8 for Greenpeace Australia Pacific.


Written by Darren Smith

20 April 2009 at 9:09 pm

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