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This post is a quickie but a goodie. One of my favourite music videos care of the boys from Blur — “Music is My Radar”.

The clip is very retro — 60s futurism. The lads are on the set of a talkshow, which has just cut to a break. Behind them are four gigantic posters of the band members, all reminiscent of The Beatles. The set is 60s mod, blocks of red and white.

As the talkshow cuts to a break, the magic begins. Eight girls in white André Courrèges-inspired dresses with matching shiny bike helmets, eight boys in black, and superb choreo.

The synchronised choreo is very similar to that in Daft Punk’s “Around the World” …

… and Kylie’s forgettable “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” (I think this clip rips off Madonna AND Blur):

The same choreographer/dance troupe? Good question. I just can’t get it outa my head.

Anyway, I shall leave you with my other favourite Blur clip … “The Universal”. A hat tip to that other group of lads, the ones from A Clockwork Orange. Produced by Jonathan Glazer (who I’ll tell you more about very soon).


Written by Darren Smith

15 March 2009 at 9:23 pm

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